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This site is a spoof of a Canadian sketch show from the 1970s/80s. We have tried to be as retro as possible whilst giving this show a new sexy feel.

Do you have any ideas for future plots? Do you think you could write us a script? Email admin@topgunge.com for more details...

YCDTOTI Episode Six
It's 'Dream Job' day here at YCDTOTI, and Lola starts off wanting to be the host....however Rebecca-Jane soon re-asserts her authority and Lola decides to become a magician instead...

...meanwhile we've got Michelle in the dungeon being interrogated to see if she knows where Ella is, we've got Acting Class and the girls in our Art Studio, we've got Lola chained up in the dungeon and will Lisa get sawn in half???

The total episode length is 28 minutes and this episode is in HDV 720/25p quality!

YCDTOTI Episode six, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode six, Part two!

YCDTOTI Episode six, Part three!

YCDTOTI Episode Five
We're back! But where's Ella?

Whilst Lauren and Alice are killing time waiting for the episode to start (and getting slimy in the process), Director Steffi learns a horrible truth....with no host for the show, she finally becomes a target for gunge pies and water! She obviously hates this, and so she's got to find a replacement for Ella, leading to a series of interviews...

...meanwhile Jess and Lola are hard at work in the pie factory and Jazz and Megan are out for dinner at a posh restaurant!

YCDTOTI Episode five, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode five, Part two!

YCDTOTI Episode five, Part three!

YCDTOTI Superhero Special! (Episode Four)
We interrupt host Ella and director Steffi practicing their pie-ing accuracy on the girls with Breaking News! Supergirl has been kidnapped by the evil Catwoman! Wonderwoman, Batgirl and Robin set off to rescue her and defeat Catwoman's evil plans! The story is spread across both parts of this episode for loads of superhero fun!

YCDTOTI Episode four, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode four, Part two!

YCDTOTI Cops and Robbers Special! (Episode Three)
Episode Three of our sketch show, where we have host Ella, guest Megan and director Steffi debating where the show can make cost-savings, Jess in the dungeon and the girls on a night out at a posh club! Plus a full-length story in clip two where the Robber makes her pie-filled appearance, stealing Ella's bag and outwitting all the cops with a variety of slime and pies.

YCDTOTI Episode three, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode three, Part two!

YCDTOTI Episode Two
Episode Two of our sketch show where we have host Ella and director Steffi reviewing the previous update, Jess and Steffi going tit-for-tat in the cafe, Megan in the dungeon, bikinis on the beach, Steff and Kate in a beauty contest AND a full-length clip about our new business venture - Slime Air! Sure to be a hit!

YCDTOTI Episode two, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode two, Part two!

YCDTOTI Episode two, Part three!

YCDTOTI Episode One
You Can't Do That On The Internet! A brand-new sketch show where we have glamorous hosts in their lingerie, loads of girls chained up in the pie (and slime) dungeon, French Maids, naughty schoolgirls, cheerleaders, nurses and nighties! Click on the individual parts to find out more!

YCDTOTI Episode one, Part one!

YCDTOTI Episode one, Part two!

YCDTOTI Episode one, Part three!

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